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LoFric®: The Clinically Proven Choice

For over 30 years, Wellspect LoFric® has been the choice of patients seeking a discreet, comfortable, and safe catheter. The world’s only catheter with Urotonic Surface Technology—a unique lubrication system—LoFric catheters help ensure the surface layer stays intact during insertion and removal. This reduces the level of urethral friction by 90–95% compared with conventional catheters and has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of urethral trauma, UTIs, and long-term complications.

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LoFric's Urotonic Surface Technology Makes All the Difference

Urotonic Surface Technology (UST) sets LoFric apart from the competition. UST provides a catheter surface osmolality similar to urine due to salt/solute concentration in the coating that is in the same range as urine. This to prevent the catheter from drying out. This facilitates gentle catheterization by making the catheter smooth at insertion and withdrawal, minimizing the risks of urethral trauma, bleeding and strictures.*

*Waller et al 1997; Dunger et al. 1988 and Scientific review: Osmolality and catheterization (72 709)

Infographic of the Wellspect LoFric catheter tube

LoFric Catheters Are Scientifically Proven to Show:

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0% trauma after 5–9 years with LoFric1

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64% lower expected risk of UTIs2

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10–20 times lower expected risk of strictures3

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48% lower expected risk of hematuria4

LoFric Elle

LoFric Elle, designed for and by women, is a hydrophilic intermittent catheter. Its unique ergonomic design allows the container to become an angulated handle when connected to the catheter, which enables an upright body position and ultimate control during catheterization. LoFric Elle is slim, discrete, and convenient to carry, reseal and dispose of.

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Woman holding the Wellspect LoFric Elle female catheter
Wellspect LoFric Origo hydrophilic intermittent catheter

LoFric Origo

LoFric Origo is a hydrophilic intermittent catheter. It’s foldable to pocket size, discreet, and easy to bring along. The adjustable insertion grip allows better grip and control, promoting a non-touch technique.

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Wellspect LoFrice Sense Female Catheter

LoFric Sense

LoFric® Sense is a hydrophilic intermittent catheter, tailor-made for women and their needs. The ergonomic grip allows for a better grip and non-touch technique. It’s easy and discreet to carry and use anywhere.

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Wellspect LoFric Hydro Kit

LoFric Hydro-Kit

LoFric® Hydro-Kit is an all-in-one hydrophilic catheter kit for intermittent catheterization. It has an integrated collection bag and is ready to use anywhere. The loops allow easy opening, and a textured Insertion Grip for better grip and allowing non-touch technique. Thanks to the long neck it can be hung over the knee for convenient catheterization.

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Wellspect LoFric Primo hydrophilic, intermittent catheter

LoFric Primo

LoFric® Primo is a hydrophilic, intermittent catheter. It’s packaged with its own sterile water and can be used anywhere. It has an integrated insertion guide allowing non-touch technique. It’s foldable to pocket size, easy and discreet to bring along.

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