Drive Revenue with Reimbursable Breast Pumps

Why Retail Breast Pumps as a DME Provider?

The Demand for Breast Pumps

With 80% of new mothers breastfeeding at birth, and the Affordable Healthcare Act’s mandated insurance coverage, it’s not a matter of if a new mom is going to buy an electric breast pump, it’s a matter of where. Ensure they choose you as their DME provider by carrying the brands they recognize from blogs, review boards, and trusted friends and family.

Revenue Beyond the Breast Pump Itself

The revenue potential of a breast pump sale far exceeds the cost of the breast pump itself. From nipple care and nursing pads to replacement tubing, cleaning supplies and carrying bags, accessories are essential add-ons for every breast pump purchase.

A DME Customer for Life

By taking good care of a new mother in need of a breast pump, you are establishing a relationship with an influencer who will be taking care of the future needs of her children (as a mother) and often her parents (as a primary caregiver). Earn her trust and you’ll have a loyal customer for the next 20 years or more.

Expanding Your Reach, Lowering Your Costs

Milliken Medical can home deliver breast pumps anywhere in the country on your behalf, expanding your customer reach far beyond your local delivery area and lowering you’re overall costs associated with stocking inventory. This can be particularly helpful in securing expanded payor sources for your business.

Breast Pump Brands That Sell

Medela logo

With an unwavering commitment to quality, Medela offers a wide range of products to enhance the breastfeeding experience.

Ameda logo

Inspired by moms and trusted by hospitals Ameda has innovated breastfeeding products since 1942.

Megna logo

Megna serves moms and babies with the safest and highest quality products, and promotes general wellness for all families who use Megna breastfeeding products.

Spectra logo

Owned by registered nurses and lactation consultants, Spectra offers breast pumps that are efficient, comfortable, innovative and stylish.

Lansinoh logo

For over 30 years, Lansinoh has provided the products breastfeeding moms depend on. Their products include electric breast pumps, storage solutions, and more.

Motif Medical logo

Motif Medical is dedicated to offering the very best products that help families stay happy and healthy.

Unimom Logo

Unimom is a popular choice of breast feeding products because of high quality standards, affordability, eco friendliness and excellent customer reviews.

BabyBuddha Logo

Trust BabyBuddha for the best in breast pump technology. The worlds smallest and most portable battery powered single and double breast pump on the market today.

Zomee Logo

Zomee’s unique design works with you to make expressing breast milk as comfortable and easy as possible. With the anti-back flow system, milk won’t flow backward or back up other parts of the pump.


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Breast Pump Comparison Chart

Breast pump comparison chart