Find the latest trends, sought-after products and brands in your line of healthcare at Milliken Medical. Whether it's restocking your popular medical supplies, deciding to retail within your facility or expanding your scope of practice, you can find the most popular health and wellness products here.

Meet Every Mom's Needs

Provide simplified solutions for breastfeeding when you shop our selection of Medela breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories. Committed to quality, successful, safe breastfeeding starts with Medela.

Revolutionize Recovery

Provide customers with a solution for sore muscles with products by RockTape. This patented kinesiology tape provides the right amount of stretch and recovery dynamics to effectively treat injuries and enhance athletic performance.

Life Without Limitations

Ossur offers non-invasive injury and OA solutions your customers need. From ligament braces, immobilizers and supports to cold therapy treatments, casting and splinting tools, shop Ossur products and encourage an enhanced quality of life and mobility during recovery and rehabilitation.

Unmatched Innovation

Designed to closely mimic the sucking rhythm of nursing infants, Ameda breast pumps have set the performance standards lactation professionals, institutions, and mothers look for in quality vacuum and cycling breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories.


The Superfeet Difference

Help customers take the right steps to support their business goals by supporting proper foot health with Superfeet insoles. Constructed with a structured heel cup, rear foot support and firm stabilization, these biomechanical insoles provide unmatched comfort and wear capacity.


Deliver Direct Stimulation & Relief

For fast, on-the-go pain relief that's easy to administer, look no further than the BodyMed® Dual Channel Digital TENS/EMS/IF Combination Unit. Adjustable ramp and wave frequency allow for customized treatment with every use.

Adjustable Chamber Pressures

Help treat chronic venous and lymphatic disorders with the customizable pressure settings and cycle times of the CircuFlow 8 Chamber Lymphedema Compression Pump.

Increased Maneuverability After Injury

Don't let recovery from lower body injuries keep people from getting to where they need to be. BodyMed®'s 2-Button Folding Walker is a durable mobility aid designed with a lightweight aluminum frame that is height adjustable and folds independently on each side to allow for efficient transportation.

Accurate, Effective Therapeutic Force

Replicate clinic-quality treatment from home with The Saunders Group Cervical Hometrac Device. This cervical traction device provides therapeutic force up to 50 lbs., the most of any cervical traction tool on the market. Ensure accurate force readings today.

State-Of-The-Art Traction Support

Help rid patients of acute and chronic pain with a ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device. Designed with a headrest composed of memory foam, comfort is a key characteristic of this top-of-the-line traction device.