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BodyMed Stool

BodyMed Basic Exam Stool

BodyMed Knee Walker

BodyMed Knee Walker

Bio Compression Systems, Inc.

Bio Compression Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing compression therapy equipment for more than 30 years. The company’s sequential circulators and sequential pneumatic compression garments for the legs, hips, arms, shoulders and torso are frequently used to treat lymphedema, improve circulation, prevent DVT, reduce swelling and pain, and promote wound healing.

bio compression systems
rapid reboot

Rapid Reboot

Rapid Reboot is an athlete-oriented company specializing in affordable recovery technology. Their dynamic pneumatic compression boots provide rapid recovery for every athlete, at every level, in every sport.


Founded by a mom over 30 years ago, Lansinoh prides itself in offering the solutions your customers need to overcome their biggest breastfeeding challenges. As a trusted and well-known brand among breastfeeding moms, you can’t go wrong stocking your shelves with Lansinoh’s familiar purple packaging.



Spectra pumps were brought to the US by board certified lactation consultants and registered nurses who searched the world over to find the best breast pump for breastfeeding moms.