DME Provider’s Breast Pump Consultative Selling Guide With Related Features

Sell more breast pumps by asking the right questions and knowing which features are important for meeting your customer’s needs. Don’t forget the related accessories!

How often are you going to use your breast pump?

These features are important for anyone who is planning to pump regularly.

Electric vs. Manual

Electric pumps are far more efficient than manual pumps, which require constant hand pumping to express milk.

Single vs. Double

A double pump allows a mother to empty both breasts at one time, while a single breast pump will obviously take twice as long.


Some pumps are highly portable, but require a mom to sit still while pumping, others allow her to remain fully mobile while expressing milk.

Speed and Suction

Adjusting the suction is important for the mother’s comfort, while adjusting speed is important to simulate the release of milk.

Compatible Accessories

Different brands offer different parts and accessories. A customer who plans to pump in the car, for example, will need a pump with a battery or car adaptor option.

Where are you going to use your breast pump?

These factors are important to someone who is going to pump outside the home.


If a pump is going to be taken out of the home daily, the customer should consider how easy it is to transport discreetly.


Some pumps are louder than others. This is something to consider with customers who want to be sure they are pumping discreetly in public.

Power Source

Many pumps come with adaptors and can be plugged directly into the wall, others have a battery option, some have car adaptors (sold separately).

Included Accessories

Some pumps are sold with accessories such as travel totes and milk coolers included while others are sold alone.

How long do you plan to use your breast pump?

These features are important for anyone who plans to pump more than six months or with multiple children.

Open vs. Closed Pump System

Open systems can draw milk into the tubes and motor with potential to transmit bacteria and viruses. They will need their tubing replaced as time goes by.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are more readily available for some pumps than others. This is something to consider if your customer is planning to use the pump for a long time or with multiple babies.


Most pumps come with one-year warranties on the motor.