Originally developed in Asia, Spectra pumps were brought to the US by board certified lactation consultants and registered nurses who searched the world over to find the best breast pump for breastfeeding moms. Those lactation consultants and nurses now own and operate Spectra Baby USA. When you include Spectra pumps in your offering, you can sell confidently knowing they are backed by experts in the breastfeeding business.

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Synergy Gold Dual Powered Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM011400

More productive pumping sessions with comfort and ease.
S1 PLUS Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM011091

Closed system breast pump with adapter and rechargeable battery.
S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM011305

Hospital strength breast pump.
S2 Plus Electric Breast Pump with Tote, Bottles and Cooler B...

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM011305TG

Designed to bring confidence and comfort to every moment of the breastfeeding journey
9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM011343

Spectra’s most portable pump slips easily into a handbag.
Replacement Tubing White

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM012401

BPA Free Replacement Tubing
Spectra Cooler Kit

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM011565

Pink insulated carrier bag,gel freezer ice pack and 2 Spectra storage bottles
Spectra Tote

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMMTOTE

Featuring a durable grey exterior and a zipper closure,this tote will allow you to carry your pump and collection kit
Flange Kit

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM0

Flange kit for Spectra S2,S1,S9,M1 Breast Pumps.
Breast Shield

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM012302S

Single flange for Spectra breast pumps.
Power Cord AC/DC 12 Volt

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM6

Replacement part for use with the Spectra S1,Spectra S2 and the Spectra 9 Plus.
Bottle Adaptor

Spectra Product Group: W-SPEMM012364

Standard adopter for bottles to Spectra pumps
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