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Comfy Elbow-Hand Combination Orthosis

Comfy Splints Product Group: W-LENEH1

Fully adjustable for simultaneous, comfortable extension of the elbow and hand.
Progress™ I.F. (Individual Finger) Ball Orthosis

Comfy Splints Product Group: W-LENF10

Allow for patients to have greater movement of their hands with a fully adjustable splint
Comfy™ Air Hand

Comfy Splints Product Group: W-LENHA1

Helps patients strengthen their hands while improving functionality.
Comfyprene Elbow Orthosis

Comfy Splints Product Group: W-LENE10

Designed with Bend-to-Fit technology for added comfort and a secure fit.
Comfy Goniometer Elbow

Comfy Splints Product Group: W-LENGE1

Allows for progressive extension of the elbow in 10 degree increments.
Comfyprene Separate Finger Hand Orthosis

Comfy Splints Product Group: W-LENHSF

Designed with Bend-to-Fit" technology and reinforced, adjustable spines.
Comfyprene Hand-Wrist-Finger Orthosis

Comfy Splints Product Group: W-LENH10

Adjustable "wings" prevent ulnar or radial deviation for optimal support.
Delta-Cast® Soft Cast Tape

BSN Medical Inc. Product Group: W-BEI734

9" Serrated Cast Spreader

Bird & Cronin Product Group: W-BIR119

Allows for single-hand operation; 3 prongs; latex-free; 9" length.
7" Wolff Cast Breaker

Bird & Cronin Product Group: W-BIR136

Hybrid Night Splint Accessory Strap

Ovation Medical Product Group: W-HMI30000S

Additional strap for the Hybrid Night Splint
Mediplast Plaster Patch (2" x 3")

BSN Jobst Product Group: W-BEI598

Delivers a 40% solution of salicylic acid to skin cells to safely remove plantar warts, calluses and corns.
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