Sutures & Skin Closure Systems


  • Clinical Supplies
  • First Aid
  • Forceps


  • 3M Innovation
  • Aaron Medical Industries
  • DeRoyal Industries
  • Dynarex
  • Medline Industries


  • 0.25" x 1.5"
  • 0.25" x 3"
  • 0.25" x 4"
  • 0.50" x 4"

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Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures

Medline Industries Product Group: W-MMM244

Suture Removal Kit

Medline Industries Product Group: W-MLN127

Sharp Debridement Kit

DeRoyal Industries Product Group: W-DER107

Suture Removal Kit

DeRoyal Industries Product Group: W-DER104

Suture Removal Kit

Dynarex Product Group: W-DYX114

Precise Staple Remover (Scissor Style)

3M Innovation Product Group: W-MMM211

Removes almost any kind of surgical staples.
Change-A-Tip™ High-Temperature Fine Cautery Tip Replac...

Aaron Medical Industries Product Group: W-AAR106

Steri-Strip Wound Closure

3M Innovation Product Group: W-MMM294

Sterile, breathable and comfortable to wear, with hypoallergenic adhesive.
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