Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps

Elasto-Gel therapy wraps combine the best hot and cold therapies in one convenient and comfortable product, providing therapeutic heat when warmed in a microwave or soothing cold when frozen. They are available in more than 40 shapes and sizes to help treat injuries to the ankle, knee, neck, shoulder and many other areas.

The unique chemistry inside Elasto-Gel Therapy Wraps

Reusable Elasto-Gel therapy wraps prove their durability over time and won’t leak if punctured. The unique chemical properties inside each Elasto-Gel wrap ensure they won’t dry out or become hard, and that they will conform to the patient’s contours, moving as they move. The smooth, 4-way stretch outer material is soft and pliable, allowing for complete contact and maximum thermal transfer while also protecting the skin.

Why choose Elasto-Gel over a budget brand?

Choosing Elasto-Gel wraps gives you a product that not only combines hot and cold therapy options, but more body-specific choices too. Their obvious quality and proven durability also make them a great retail product for your clinic.

Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

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A few of the Elasto-Gel products available from MeyerDC include:

Hot & Cold Lumbar Wrap

The Elasto-Gel Hot and Cold Lumbar Wrap therapy wrap can help relieve lower back, hip and abdominal pain. Hook-and-loop closure straps hold the wrap in place, so it can be worn under clothing and does not need to be used while in a stationary position, so you're free to enjoy a full range of motion.

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Hot & Cold Therapy Knee Wrap

Shaped as a diamond with an open patella hole, the Elasto-Gel Hot and Cold Knee Wrap will assist you with a number of painful knee conditions, including aching muscles post-exercise or sports activity, minor injuries, and tender tendons. When used cold, the wrap will provide reduced swelling and inflammation. Use the Elasto-Gel Knee Wrap as a knee ice pack for acute pain from a sprain or strain or immediately after an injury.

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Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps

Elasto-Gel's Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps are designed to provide the best of moist heat and soothing cold therapies in one convenient product. Simply store the pack in the freezer for cold therapy. If you'd prefer to do a heat therapy treatment, simply microwave the neck pain pillow for 45 - 60 seconds and get intense moist heat therapy.

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