Elasto-Gel manufactures products consistent with high-quality standards to provide your patients comfort and healing. Their premium hot and cold therapy wraps and accessories deliver lasting care to your patients.

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Elasto-Gel™ Wound Dressings

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWTDR8

Bacteriostatic highly absorbent wound dressing that provides fast and comfortable dressing changes
Hot & Cold Therapy Support Roll

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT103

These neck wraps are essentially a hot cold pack acting as a neck pain pillow.
Hot & Cold Therapy Wraps

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT101

These neck wraps are essentially a hot cold pack acting as a neck pain pillow.
Hot & Cold Therapy Cranial Cap

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT114

Used to relieve headaches and help maintain healthy body temperatures.
Hot & Cold Therapy Knee Wrap

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT106

A patella hole and comfortable closure allow you to move about while keeping the knee ice pack in place.
Hot & Cold Therapy Pack

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT100

Restore aching muscles and relieve pain with reusable and long-lasting cold hot packs.
Shoulder Sleeve

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT111

Shoulder sleeve provides either hot or cold therapy to muscles and joints.
Crutch-Mate™ Hand Grips

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT120

Hot & Cold Lumbar Wrap

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT116

Relieve lower back, hip or abdominal pain depending on how this wrap is worn over or under clothing.
Foot, Heel & Ankle Protector Boot

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT125

Hot & Cold Therapy Hand Exerciser

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT108

Reduce stress and stiffness while increasing strength in fingers, hands, and forearms.
Crutch-Mate™ Arm Pad

Elasto-Gel Product Group: W-SWT119

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