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TriFit Walker with Foam Rounds

AquaJogger Product Group: W-JOG122

Aquatic walker with 12 foam rounds; provides adjustable balance points for water therapy/rehab sessions.
Instructional Swim Bar

TheraBand Product Group: W-HYG152

The most versatile tool available for swimming instruction and aquatic therapy.
Hand Buoy

Body Sport Product Group: W-SUN138

Commercial quality aquatic dumbbells. Choose from 3 sizes.
Aquatic Pull Buoy

TheraBand Product Group: W-HYG157

Keep your legs and torso afloat as you swim with the Thera-Band Aquatic Pull Buoy.
Sqoodle Exercise Noodle

AquaJogger Product Group: W-JOG124

Innovative design provides more buoyancy and resistance than the standard foam noodle.
Water Logs

Body Sport Product Group: W-PED111

Aid in water-based rehab and exercise by providing shallow water stability and deep water buoyancy.
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