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Standard Top Adaptor

Urocare Product Group: W-URO6002

Features a graduated top with reverse-grip that provides a secure connection for multiple tubing diameters.
Bard Dispoz-A-Bag Leg Bag with Rubber Cap Valve

Bard Product Group: W-BDD150103

Provides quality, reliability, and dependability
Ant-Reflux Valve

Urocare Product Group: W-URO6001

Self-cleaning, patented, anti-reflux valve prevents back-flow while allowing fast, uninterrupted drainage for problem-free use.
Latex Leg Strap Kit with Buttons

Urocare Product Group: W-URO600610

These straps are replacement straps for those normally packaged with Urocare® reusable latex leg bags
Uro-Cath Male External Catheter

Urocare Product Group: W-URO52013050

The thin latex sheath has a twist-resistant end, ensuring that urine drains properly into the catheter bag.

Urocare Product Group: W-URO52014050

The thin latex sheath has a twist-resistant end, ensuring that urine drains properly into the catheter bag. ncludes double-sided adhesive foam strips ...
Catheter Connector

Urocare Product Group: W-URO6014

Reverse-Grip technology and graduated barbs to provide a secure hold on most standard sized drainage or extension tubing
Tube White-Rubber With Connector

Urocare Product Group: W-URO6018

White rubber tubing may be cut to desired length
Catheter Tube Strap

Urocare Product Group: W-URO631

Find out how easy it can be to attach your Foley® catheter or tubing with this elastic fabric strap.
Universal Fabric Leg Strap

Urocare Product Group: W-URO639

For use with most vinyl disposable or latex reusable leg bags.
Universal Fabric Catheter Strap

Urocare Product Group: W-URO6401

Thumb Clamp

Urocare Product Group: W-URO699

Variable reduction or complete restriction of fluids passing through the tubing.
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