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BodyMed Product Group: W-OMP111

Built from neoprene foam with inner blowup bladders comprised of natural rubber latex
Cervical Traction Collar

Body Sport Product Group: W-BDSTC0

Relieve neck pain and tension by gently stretching and relaxing muscles.
Over-the-Door Traction Unit

Core Products Product Group: W-COR514

System includes an adjustable head harness, door mount, pulley assembly, weight bag and necessary hardware.
Home Posture Corrective Head Weight

Circular Traction Supply Product Group: W-CTC100

Pronex Inline Cervical Traction Unit

RS Medical Product Group: W-GLA100

Cervical Traction unit with a specially designed cushion that cradles under the cervical region.
Posture Pump Penta Vec™ 2500

Posture Pro Product Group: W-POS115

Posture Pump Elliptical Back Rocker Model 2000

Posture Pro Product Group: W-POS108

Posture Pump Cervical Disc Hydrator Model 1100

Posture Pro Product Group: W-POS110

Applies pressure to decompress and hydrate discs, restoring the cervical curve.
Posture Pump® Scoligon®

Posture Pro Product Group: W-POS170

Disc hydrator helps restore correct posture and range of motion to neck and upper back.
Neg Z Compression Pad

Circular Traction Supply Product Group: W-CTC300

Full Spine Model 4100-SX

Posture Pro Product Group: W-POS4100SX

A model sold only to healthcare providers.
NECKSYS® Cervical Rehab Home Kit

Foot Levelers Product Group: W-FTL116

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