Therabath Paraffin Thermotherapy provides therapeutic relief of pain due to arthritis, joint inflammation, muscle stiffness, and injury.


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Professional Paraffin Bath System

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM115

A therapeutic bath system for skin rejuvenation.
Paraffin Refill Beads

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM114

Ideal for use with any paraffin heating device to provide warm treatment of foot and ankle injuries.
Replacement Grill

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM110

Mitt & Boot Liners

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM104

Plastic liners for use inside mitts and boots; make clean up fast and easy after hot wax treatments.
Sanitizing Spray

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM118

Therabath sanitizing spray is used on skin and nails before a paraffin treatment.
Paraffin Application Strips Dispenser

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM127

Stores and conveniently dispenses application strips for paraffin therapy.
Hand or Foot ComforKit

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM103MT

Paraffin Application Strips

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM130

Cloth strips that enable paraffin application to large areas as well as joints.
Intensive Hydrating Cream

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM116

Lemon-Infused Refill Paraffin Wax, 24 lbs.

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM129

Residue-free wax infused with therapeutic Lemon essential oil for added benefits.
Paraffin Wax Additive

Therabath Product Group: W-WRM150

Soothing ingredients enhance the benefits of paraffin treatments.
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