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Cold Compression Therapy Wrap

BodyMed Product Group: W-ZZRCCT

Self-controlled cold compression wrap.
EV8 Digital TENS Unit (2 Channel)

BodyMed Product Group: W-ZZAEV8

Digital EMS Unit with 3 output modes and easy-to-use button controls for adjustments
Shoulder & Elbow Kit

BodyMed Product Group: W-BDSELBKIT

Regain and maintain increased range of motion in shoulders and elbows.
Bulk Exercise Bands - 6 yd. Roll

Body Sport Product Group: W-BDS06B

Bulk packaging of 7 convenient resistance levels.
Analog 602 TENS Unit

BodyMed Product Group: W-ZZAN602

This unit ensures consistent pain relief and the return of patients to their normal activities.
BIOFREEZE® Professional Pain Reliever

Biofreeze Product Group: W-PER204

Use for temporary back pain relief, minor joint pains, and aches of muscles and arthritis discomfort.
Shoulder Pillow with Ball

Advanced Orthopaedics Product Group: W-ADO290

High density foam pillow with attached stress ball helps promote hand circulation without moving arm or shoulder.
Aqua Relief System

Pain Management Technologies, Inc. Product Group: W-PMT100

Pumps and circulates hot or cold water around joints for pain relief and reduction of swollen joints.
Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy Device System

Pain Management Technologies, Inc. Product Group: W-PMT115

OmoTrain® Shoulder Support

Bauerfeind Product Group: W-BFD117

Pain Relieving Cold Therapy Gel

CryoDerm Product Group: W-CRO106

Effectively reduces back muscle pain, swelling and spasms.
Posture Corrector

Briggs Healthcare Product Group: W-DMI335

Worn on the back to correct bad posture.
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