Presto® offers a full line of quality adult incontinence products, including pull-up underwear, briefs with tabs, pads for women, guards for men, shaped pads, underpads, and more. Their products come in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels to meet all of your customer’s needs. Thanks to Presto’s revolutionary technology, your customers can get back to doing what they love without worrying about incontinence.


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  • 14 Per Pack / 4 Packs Per Case
  • 16 Per Pack / 4 Packs Per Case
  • 16 Per Pack / 6 Packs Per Case
  • 18 Per Pack / 4 Packs Per Case
  • 20 Per Pack / 4 Packs Per Case
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Bari Presto Supreme Brief

Presto Product Group: W-DYLABB41070

Advanced "Hi-Loft" acquisition layer absorbs fluid quicker and is softer for greater patient comfort.
Presto Extend Stretch Briefs

Presto Product Group: W-DYLABS410

Extended wear products are designed for longer day or nighttime use.
Presto Plus Classic Underwear

Presto Product Group: W-DYLAUB01052

Swift & Soft™ layer prevents leaks and improves skin dryness
Supreme Flex Women's Underwear

Presto Product Group: W-DYLAUB24020W

OdorSecure® technology prevents odors before they have a chance to form
Supreme Flex Medium Underwear

Presto Product Group: W-DYLAUB24020M

LeakSecure™ barriers provide the most reliable leak protection
Overnight Underwear

Presto Product Group: W-DYLAUB44020

LeakSecure™ barriers provide the most reliable leak protection.
Maximum Small Shaped Pads

Presto Product Group: W-DYLILS21400

Soft and discreet materials prevent skin irritation.
Booster Pad

Presto Product Group: W-DYLILI03200

Soft and discreet disposable pads for men or women.
Plus Large Shaped Pads

Presto Product Group: W-DYLILS51620

Unisex incontinence protection featuring advanced softness.
Breathable Underpads

Presto Product Group: W-DYLUPB39020

These specialized underpads are designed for users of airflow therapy beds that need incontinence protection.
Ultimate Small Shaped Pads

Presto Product Group: W-DYLILS31500

Unisex pads for discreet incontinence protection.
Value Underpads

Presto Product Group: W-DYLUPP09021

Presto's most affordable disposable underpads, designed to guard against small leaks on beds and furniture.
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