Medela Electric Breast Pumps and Accessories

Year after year, breast pump after breast pump, Medela has delivered the dependability you expect from the medical equipment you sell as a trusted DME provider. From Medela breast pump parts and accessories, to the reimbursable pumps themselves, you can’t go wrong stocking your shelves with the breastfeeding brand America trusts.

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The Demand for Double Electric Breast Pumps

With countless studies proving life-changing benefits for moms and babies, more women are breastfeeding than ever before. According to the CDC, in 2013 81% of US infants were breastfed at birth and over half were still breastfeeding six months later. With 65% of moms working full or part time, there is large demand for efficient double electric breast pumps. Furthermore, because breast pumps are fully reimbursable under the Affordable Healthcare Act, you have an opportunity to sell top of the line pumps to large segments of the population.

Pump In Style® with MaxFlow Technology

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Pump In Style® with MaxFlow Breast Pump Kit with Tote

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Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

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Why Medela Breast Pumps?

As the brand lactation consultants recommend, and new moms ask for by name, Medela double electric breast pumps are an easy sell. Why are they so popular? By mimicking a baby’s natural nursing pattern, they have been shown to produce more milk in less time than competing products.

Medela maintains ISO 13485 certification with rigorous quality standards for manufacturing, servicing, continuous improvement, and most importantly, the handling, storage, packaging, and delivery of products in a manner that ensures the health and safety of both mother and baby.

Don't Forget Accessories

Accessories are essential add-ons for any breast pump sale. From extra breast shields to cold packs for storage and totes for travel, Medela has everything a busy mom needs to solve the practical problems that come with balancing a busy life with baby. Accessories are a huge revenue generator if you understand and convey the solutions they provide and the convenience they offer.

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