Jobri® manufactures ergonomic and comfort products for the back and neck, including chairs, cushions, wedges, traction units, lumbar supports, foot stools and more. Jobri is the parent company of the BetterBack, BetterPosture and BetterRest brands.

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Pedirest Deluxe Foot Stool

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR148

Better Back Cushion

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR139

Find relief from back pain and discomfort with the use of a comfortable foam cushion.
Bi-Foam Lumbar Cushion

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR143

Criss-Cross Support

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR115

Provides stability for the lower back.
BetterBack® ErgoSeat with LumbiPad®

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBB1

Relieves strain on the spine, lower back and pelvis, and discourages slouching.
Lean On Back Cushion

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR141

Mor-loc Cervical Collar

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR101

All-day neck stability and comfort.
BetterPosture® Solace Plus Kneeling Chair

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBP1

Jobri’s most popular kneeling chair design
BetterBack® Industrial Action Belt

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBB22

Stabilizes back and core muscles when lifting or twisting.
BetterPosture® Active Balance Stool

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBP1462BK

Replicates the effect of sitting on a gym ball.
The Original Cane Butler

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBH13001

Eliminates the need to place a cane on the floor or hook it over a chair back
The Cane Butler Stationary Counter Unit

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBH13004

Cane Butlers eliminate the need to place a cane on the floor or hook it over a chair back.
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