Jobri® manufactures ergonomic and comfort products for the back and neck, including chairs, cushions, wedges, traction units, lumbar supports, foot stools and more.

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Bi-Foam Lumbar Cushion

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR143

Pedirest Deluxe Foot Stool

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR148

BackTone Biofeedback Posture Trainer

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBP4

Lightweight harness with electronic sensor that sends biofeedback to the body to teach proper posture.
Lean On Back Cushion

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR141

Criss-Cross Belt

Jobri Product Group: W-JBR130

BetterRest® Cervical Roll

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBNC

Helps to keep spine aligned and relieve pain.
Deluxe Leg Wedge Pillow

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRSRT

Elevates the legs, allowing the user to enjoy relief from lower back strain.
BetterPosture® Solace Plus Kneeling Chair

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBP1

Jobri’s most popular kneeling chair design
BetterBack Hanging Lumbar Roll

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBB2005BL

Promote better posture anywhere.
Jobri BetterRest® Leg Wedge

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRBR2

Provides comfortable elevation and benefit.
TOGU® Redondo Ball

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRT491

For relaxing, building muscle, or improving flexibility.
BetterPosture® Saddle Chair

Jobri Product Group: W-JBRF1465BK

Ergonomic back posture stool features a tilting seat.
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