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SenSura or Assura Irrigation Faceplates

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST12836

Enemeez Plus Mini Enema

Enemeez Product Group: W-AIL9877

Non-irritating formula. No after-burn.
Colon/Rectal Tube

Bard Product Group: W-BDD8006400

For administration of enemas and certain medications
Kangaroo™ Irrigation Kits

Product Group: W-KND8884700116

Provide a safe and convenient means of storing syringes used with enteral feeding and irrigation systems
Visi-Flow® Irrigation Adapter Faceplate

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE401918

Dover™ Irrigation Tray with Piston Syringe with Lid

Product Group: W-KND688

Dover™ Irrigation Tray with Piston Syringe with Lid
Dover™ Piston Syringe, Irrigation with Protective Cap

Product Group: W-KND680

Dover™ Piston Syringe, Irrigation with Protective Cap
3 mL Syringes

Product Group: W-KND1180300777

3 mL syringes are sterile, single-use, and individually packaged without a needle
12 mL Syringes

Product Group: W-KND1181200777

The SoftPack features a polypropylene barrel and plunger rod, and a latex-free plunger tip
60 mL Syringes

Product Group: W-KND118

Both styles are available with several different tip designs for convenience
Sodium Phosphate Enemas - Disposable

Medline Industries Product Group: W-MLNFLT

Enteral Feeding / Irrigation Syringe

Bard Product Group: W-BDDEN7

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