With his years of clinical experience, extensive knowledge of the human body, and innovative thinking, Dr. Ho has developed and formulated a line of products that have helped millions worldwide live a healthy lifestyle. After over 30 years in helping people with pain, many patients, customers, and doctors have recommended DR-HO’S products to their friends and family. DR-HO’S Products are now available to people in many countries around the world..

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Dr. Ho's Regular Replacement Pads (8 Pack)

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH195

Long-lasting, Super Conductive, Hypoallergenic, Good for smaller or larger muscles group.
Dr-Ho's Decompression Belt

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH3100U

Helps to stabilize and strengthen the lower back, and eases muscle stiffness
Dr. Ho’s Pain Therapy System 4-Pad TENS

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH1000

The Pain Therapy System uses TENS, EMS, and proprietary AMP technology to relieve overall body pain, ease muscle tension and improve circulation.
Dr. Ho’s Pain Therapy System Pro

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH1200

The Pain Therapy Pro System uses multiple therapeutic methods such as TENS, EMS and proprietary AMP technology to help relieve pain and ease muscle te...
Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter TENS

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH1300

The Circulation Promoter can help those suffering from foot and lower limb pain, poor circulation, nerve damage, diabetic neuropathy and sciatica.
Dr. Ho’s Pain Relief System TENS

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH161R

EMS and proprietary AMP technology that helps relieve muscle tension, pain and soreness.
Dr. Ho's Large Replacement Pads (4 Pack)

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH196

They are long-lasting and super conductive and also hypoallergenic, can be used for 30 - 50 times for a pair.
Dr.Ho's Perfect Back Rest

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH360

The Perfect back rest is designed by Dr. Ho to recognize the natural shape of the spine and aim to protect this with a carefully engineered shape.
Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Pro

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH170

The Neck Pain Pro Tens includes the TENS therapy, EMS and AMP to help with pain relief.
Dr.Ho's Anti-Pressue Insoles

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH510

Embedded with 110 pressure-sensitive air pumps and a shock-absorbing heel plate.
Dr. Ho's Pain Aid Spray

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH810

Formulated with 20% Arnica, this extra-strength formula helps to relieve muscle and joint pain.
Dr-Ho's® Neck Comforter

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH420R

Increase your range of motion, improve your posture, and feel the neck pain relief you've been longing for
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