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Triton DTS® Pelvic Thoracic Belt Set

DJ Orthopedics Product Group: W-CHT2825

Spinalign® Intersegmental Treatment Table

Williams Healthcare Systems Product Group: W-UST130

ErgoWave Roller Massage Table

Pivotal Health Product Group: W-CHT9080

Dr-Ho's Decompression Belt

DR-HO'S Product Group: W-VGH3100U

Helps to stabilize and strengthen the lower back, and eases muscle stiffness
Triton DTS® Advanced Traction Package

DJ Orthopedics Product Group: W-CHT8250

Triton DTS® Spine Therapy Table

DJ Orthopedics Product Group: W-CHTTRT

DOC Decompression Table

Pivotal Health Product Group: W-EUR142

Heritage 10 Intersegmental Traction Table

Michael's Chiro Equipment Product Group: W-TTT103

Table with foam padding and a heavy-duty motor that guides 8 rollers up and down a 24" track.
Eurotech Roller Massage Table

Pivotal Health Product Group: W-HCM100

Kdt Neural-Flex Decompression System

Mircom Products Product Group: W-MIR101

Legacy-500 Intersegmental Traction Table

MT Tables Product Group: W-MTT100

Quantum 400 Intersegmental Table

Armedica Product Group: W-AMQ400

Designed to mobilize the spine, and increase bloodflow to the vertebrae, discs and surrounding tissues.
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