ConvaTec is a global medical products and technologies company focused on therapies for the management of chronic conditions, with leading market positions in advanced wound care, ostomy care, continence and critical care, and infusion devices.


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ConvaTec® Night Drainage System

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE027060

Designed for convenient collection of urine over an extended period of time
Flexi-Seal® SIGNAL™ FMS with Filter

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE411102

Temporary containment for immobilized,incontinent patients
GentleCath™ Pro Closed-System

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE421411

Use your catheter where and when you need it
GentleCath™ Glide Catheters

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE421564

Designed for fast* and convenient cathing
GentleCath™ Uncoated Catheter

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE501

Designed to make catheter insertion and removal as smooth and easy as possible for the patient.
GentleCath™ Insertion Kit

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE503

This kit provides the extras needed for safe,easy cathing
GentleCath™ Hydrophilic

Convatec Product Group: W-CTE508

Catheter to be prepared,used and discarded without the need for direct hand contact
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