For over 60 years, Coloplast has worked to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. Our listen and respond approach allows us to understand the medical challenges and concerns impacting people’s lives and enables us to develop innovative products and deliver product and lifestyle support and education to help make a difference.


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Coloplast Self-Cath®

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST475

Self-Cath® Extension tubes connect to intermittent Self-Cath catheters to provide extra length.
SureCath® Set

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST280

SureCath® Set is an all-in-one catheter and bag solution with a hydrophilic-coated catheter,sterile saline solution and urine bag.
Conveen® Standard Drainage Bag

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST506

Can be used as a large capacity leg bag
Conveen® Contour Leg Bag

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST517

Secure and reliable urinary collection. Enhanced chambered design for added discretion.
Coloplast Conveen Freedom® Clear LS

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST519

This male external catheter is comfortable and easy to use.
Coloplast Freedom Clear Male External Catheter with Kink-Res...

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST5400

An anti-kink bellow to stop kinks ensuring a free flow
PREP™ Medicated Protective Skin Barrier, Single Applic...

Coloplast Product Group: W-COL109

Provides an invisible film around stomas,preventing irritation between pouch changes while allowing the skin to breathe
Conveen® Active Leg bBg

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST255

The collection bag is integrated in a comfortable elastic band that wraps around the thigh for ease of use,mobility and discretion.
SpeediCath® Compact Male

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST28702

SpeediCath Compact Male is the discreet and instantly ready to use catheter for men.
Freedom® External Catheter

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST510

Features a kink-resistant nozzle to ensure a free flow at all times.
Coloplast Conveen® Security+ Leg Bag with Clamp Tap

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST21027

Soft,flocked backing increases comfort when worn on skin.
Coloplast Freedom Clear Advantage Male External Catheter wit...

Coloplast Product Group: W-CST6200

Skin-friendly adhesive with aloe
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