Chilling Units & Freezers


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Polar Care Y Adapter

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG076

Use two pads instead of one. Fits select Polar Care systems.
WrapOn Polar Pads

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG102

Multi-Use WrapOn Polar Pad

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG104

Polar Care Kodiak

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG106

An easy-to-use,compact cold therapy unit,suitable for clinic,hospital or home use.
Polar Care Kodiak Combo with Intelli-Flo Shoulder Pad

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG10606

Designed with temperature control specific to each treatment area resulting in superior coverage and comfort.
Replacement Power Supply for Polar Care® Systems

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG10698

Polar Care Kodiak Cold Therapy Unit

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG108

Polar Care Glacier Cold Therapy System (Unit Only)

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG130

Cube Cold Therapy System (wrap not included)

Breg,Inc. Product Group: W-BRG131

ColPaC Freezer (5 Cubic Foot)

DJ Orthopedics Product Group: W-CHT673

Spacious,economical 5-cubic foot capacity freezer used to chill trays,cups and Colpacs
ColPaC Chilling Unit — Model C5

DJ Orthopedics Product Group: W-CHT934

Chilling unit keeps cold therapy products like ColPacs at the right temperature.
Top-Loading Chest Chilling Unit

Fabrication Enterprises Product Group: W-FAB295

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