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  • Dukal
  • Dynarex
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  • Scent Free


  • 10" x 13" (25.4 cm x 33 cm)
  • 10.25" x 13"
  • 12" x 8"
  • 13" x 13.25"
  • 4" x 4"
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  • Peel and Reseal Soft Pack
  • Tub


  • Moderate Absorbency


  • Fragrance Free


  • No


  • 100/Box, 10 Box/Case
  • 100/box
  • 200/Bag
  • 48/Bag , 12 Bags/Case
  • 96/pack
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ReadyBath LUXE Total Body Cleansing Heavyweight Washcloths

Medline Industries Product Group: W-MLN095

Bathing takes less time so nursing staff is free to provide other patient care
Curity™ Pre-Moistened Washcloths

Product Group: W-KND539

Curity pre-moistened personal cleansing washcloths offer a durable yet gentle way to cleanse skin.
Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes, Unscented

Cottonelle Product Group: W-KCC367

Flushable Personal Wipe
Premium Baby Wipes

Product Group: W-KND2BW

Thick and plush baby wipes
Kendall™ Washcloths

Product Group: W-KND636

Moderate absorbency washcloths packaged for easy single-use convenience
Wings™ Pre-moistened Washcloths

Product Group: W-KND659

Wings™ pre-moistened washcloths offer a stronger, gentler way to cleanse skin
Bathing Wipes

Product Group: W-KNDBTS

Infused with aloe to soothe and moisturize skin
Personal Cleansing Cloths

Product Group: W-KND2AW

Pre-moistened, ready-to-use and come in resealable packs
Tranquility Cleaning Wipes

Tranquility Product Group: W-PBE310

Paraben free and alcohol free, hypoallergenic with a mild scent
ProCare Disposable Adult Washcloths

Product Group: W-FQPCRW

Sturdy, alcohol-free, pre-moistened cloths for personal cleaning.
Prevail® Adult Disposable Washcloth Wipes, Soft Pack

Prevail Product Group: W-FQPWW7

Super strong, super soft pre-moistened cloths for personal cleaning.
Prevail® Premium Quilted Disposable Washcloth Wipes

Prevail Product Group: W-FQPWW9

Premium quilted and pre-moistened cloths for personal cleaning.
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