Five Ways to Become a Go-To Resource for
Breast Pumps and Accessories

As the expert on medical equipment, and a pro at dealing with insurance providers, you are an expectant mother’s best source for a breast pump and accessories. However, her stage of life and shopping habits make her more likely to turn to a big box store than a DME provider. Here are some ways to make sure moms-to-be think of you when they’re ready to purchase a breast pump.


Attend Events for Expecting Parents

Attend baby/parenting/community expos and make it obvious that you sell breast pumps with large posters or the products themselves. Offer a free breast pump as a raffle prize if the hosts will announce your name and talk about the drawing every half hour or hour throughout the event.


Network With Lactation Consultants

Lactation consultants are your best source for referrals. Network with them regularly and find out how you can partner closely to make their job easier. Make sure they know how easy you can make it for their patients to get a reimbursable breast pump. Offer to come in for the last 10 minutes of their breastfeeding classes to talk about pump options and the easiest way to purchase one (through you!).


Post Signs Featuring Breast Pumps

Post large signs throughout your store announcing you sell breast pumps. Though expectant mothers might not frequent your location, you’ll be able to get referrals from the many people who do.


Engage Potential Customers Using Social Media Platforms

Use your social media platforms to engage pages for new and expectant moms such as birth centers, lactation consultants, and local breastfeeding support groups. Look for questions participants are asking frequently and problems they are facing and respond with information and solutions.


Feature Breast Pumps on Your Website

Place breast pumps front and center on your website and ensure there are several search engine optimized webpages that demonstrate your expertise.

Breast Pump Comparison Chart

Breast pump comparison chart