Biotone® professional massage oils, cremes, lotions, gels, and related spa products combine quality with innovation. This brand is highly popular with therapy professionals and consumers alike.


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Cloud Comfort Face Cradle Covers

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO108

Keeps your massage table's face cradle hygienic and ready for the next client.
Relaxing Therapeutic Massage Creme

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO172

Mixture of ingredients like chamomile, sage and lavender create a soothing scent that will calm and relax.
Nutri-Naturals Massage Lotion

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO145

Lotion contains all-natural ingredients that moisturize and revitalize the skin.
Earth Spirit CD (Michael Benghiat)

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO162

Advanced Therapy Massage Gel

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO113

Lightly textured, unscented gel that gives you 25% more coverage than other massage gels.
Advanced Therapy Massage Lotion

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO111

Revitalizing Massage Oil, Unscented

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO100

Revitalizing Massage Oil contains natural cold-pressed oils, providing an excellent glide and all-over control.
Hydrating Massage Lotion

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO176

Hydrating Massage Lotion provides moisturizing and protective properties, ideal for deep-tissue work and effleurage.
Customizing Complex

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO177

Biotone's Customizing Complex may be added to any massage, mud or body polish service.
Micro-Buff Body Polish

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO123

Ideal for sensitive skin, Micro-Buff Body Polish refines and softens with micronized buffing beads and natural luffa.
True Balance Massage Gel

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO152

Muscle & Joint Relief Massage Creme

Biotone Product Group: W-BIO171

Contains natural botanicals and oils that help reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints.
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