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Balance Disc

Body Sport Product Group: W-ZZRVDBL

Perfect equipment to get you familiar with balance training. Ideal for balance disc newbies.
Wobble Board - 15"

Body Sport Product Group: W-BDSBB16

Used for athletic training, brain development, physiotherapy and even musical therapy.
Balance Disc Pro

Body Sport Product Group: W-ZZRVDP

Ideal for intermediate and advanced balance and stability exercises while standing or sitting.

Product Group: W-OPT148

Balance Trainer

BOSU Product Group: W-FIQ102

Used for balance training, core strengthening and a total body workout.
FitBALL® Wedge

Ball Dynamics International Product Group: W-BAD164

Improve posture and correct alignment while sitting or use the wedge as lumbar support for any chair.
FitBALL® Balance Disc

Ball Dynamics International Product Group: W-BAD112

Use as a balance disc or as a seat cushion to stabilize the core and strengthen the body.
Dyna Disc

Product Group: W-DNA457

Half sphere design is ideal for developing balance, strengthening core and improving flexibility.
Iron Weight Plate

Fabrication Enterprises Product Group: W-FAB3962H

Tension Cord Kit for Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer

Fitterfirst Product Group: W-FII125

ROCK™ Ankle Exercise Board

Product Group: W-OPT144

FitBALL® Air Cushion

Ball Dynamics International Product Group: W-BAD166

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