The extensive range of Avanos products is a result of relentless thinking, testing and iteration. From digestive health, to pain management and IV therapy, our products represent the difference we try to infuse in everything we do. We stop at nothing when it comes to creating better solutions designed to get patients back to the things that matter.


  • Respiratory (76)
  • Enteral (17)


  • 8.5" (1)
  • 13" (1)
  • 12" (10)
  • 13.8" (3)
  • 12.5" (10)
  • more...


  • PVC (18)
  • Rubber (1)
  • silicone (2)
  • polyvinyl chloride pvc (5)


  • 16 fr (11)
  • 10 fr (8)
  • 8 fr (10)
  • 12 fr (11)
  • 14 fr (32)
  • more...


  • Yes (42)
  • No (23)

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Adult Endotracheal Tube Microcuff*

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM352

Thinner material allows for greater visualization of vocal cords when cuff is deflated
AVANOS* Liberator Closed Suction System

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM01EC459

Versatile manifold with optional BAL bronchoscopy adapter
AVANOS*Liberator Tube Clearing System

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM01EC25

Isolated rinsing chamber for cleaning the catheter without washing saline down the ETT
Ballard Closed Suction System for Adults, T-Piece

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM220

Leader in closed suctioning for more than 30 years,BALLARD* Standard Closed Suction Systems are a powerful tool in your fight against VAEs.
Ballard* Closed Suction System for Adults

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM2210

Tactile sleeve for catheter advancement
BALLARD* Assisted Care 24 Hour Oral Care Kit with CHG

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM970160

Individual packs allow caregivers to choose the right tool at the right time,based on patient need and hospital protocol
BALLARD* Assisted Care 24 Hour Oral Care Kit

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM970600

Color-coded packaging,allowing caregivers to easily identify specific component packs to track oral care compliance
Ballard Suction Swabs

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM12603

Designed to provide comprehensive oral care
BALLARD* Closed Suction System for Adults, T-Piece, Dual Lum...

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM22057

“Soft” low durometer catheter to minimize tracheal trauma
BALLARD* Closed Suction System for Adults- T-Piece

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM215

Tactile sleeve for catheter advancement
Transgastric-Jejunal Kits

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM026

Multiple feeding exit ports improve flow and minimize clogging
T-Piece Style Suction Catheter with Thumb Valve Vent

Avanos Product Group: W-AVM815

Featuring a Two-way cleaning port
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