For over 35 years, Attends has been dedicated to creating meaningful solutions for adults with incontinence, wanting consumers to sleep comfortably through the night, maintain healthy skin, and have discretion and dignity. Attends offers diverse products to fit the lifestyles and needs of a wide range of individuals—all ages, activity levels, and stages of incontinence— in varying levels of absorbency, size, and fit.


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Extended Wear Pads

Attends Product Group: W-DPCEXW

Increased overall capacity of the product, allows users to stay dry, confident and comfortable between changes.
Attends Discreet Panty Liners

Attends Product Group: W-DPCADL

Attends Discreet Incontinence Care Women's Panty Liners
Supersorb™ Bariatric Underpads

Attends Product Group: W-DPCASB

Soft, cloth-like, breathable fabric
IP0400 Attends Insert Pads

Attends Product Group: W-DPCIP0

Fit conveniently in regular underwear, for light to moderate incontinence.
Insert Pads

Attends Product Group: W-DPCLP0600

Fit conveniently in regular underwear, for light incontinence.
Unscented Washcloths

Attends Product Group: W-DPCWCU

Unscented disposable washcloths permeated with an alcohol-free, pH-balanced cleansing formula.
Discreet Premium Underpad

Attends Product Group: W-DPCUND

Features a super absorbent core that wicks moisture away from the patient’s skin and contain voids.
Premier Brief

Attends Product Group: W-DPCALIBR40

Helps manage heavy to severe urinary and/or fecal incontinence.
SPS Attends® Shaped Pads Super

Attends Product Group: W-DPCSPSSU

Complete front-to-back coverage for heavy to severe incontinence.
Guards for Men

Attends Product Group: W-DPCADMG20

Male Guards for light incontinence
Discreet Women’s Underwear

Attends Product Group: W-DPCADUF20

Soft, cloth-like breathable fabric and full-belly elastic waistband for a comfortable, contoured fit.
Dri-Sorb Advanced Underpads

Attends Product Group: W-DPCUFP236

Ideal for moderate incontinence protection.
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