Motif Designs Products for Mothers.
Covered by Insurance.

Motif Medical was started by a team of medical professionals, engineers, and working mothers who wanted to improve breast pump design, provide coverage through insurance, and upgrade the experience of obtaining supplies. Their goal is to help mothers discover their options, support their body, and bond with their baby.

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On-The-Go Pumping Made Easy

Offer Mom a comfortable, high quality pumping experience with Motif Medical electric breast pumps. Designed to be lightweight and convenient, their line of portable breast pumps allows for discreet, quiet pumping at home, in the office, or abroad. Shop Motif Medical’s collection of breast pumps, pumping accessories, and more for your customers’ every need.

Motif Medical Motif Twist Double Electric Breast Pump

Motif Twist

Lightweight and portable, the Motif Twist features a quiet motor for discreet pumping. This model allows for single or double pumping and includes adjustable suction power for maximum let-down.

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Motif Medical Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump

Motif Duo

The Motif Duo electric breast pump includes 10 expression levels and 10 massage levels to dial in the perfect comfort level. Its massage mode helps stimulate let-down by mimicking baby’s nursing pattern.

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Motif Medical Motif Luna Breast Pump

Motif Luna

Sophisticated, strong, and soothing, the Motif Luna breast pump provides hospital-strength suction and allows for single or double pumping. Its massage and expression modes provide full control.

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  Motif Twist Motif Duo Motif Luna
Single/Double Pumping
Backlit LCD Screen  
Night Light    
Closed System
Auto Shut-Off  
Memory Feature    
Weight .5 lb. 1 lb. 2 lb.


Tote Bags from Motif Medical

Tote Bag

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Support Apparel from Motif Medical for Abdominal and Groin Support

Support Apparel

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Parts from Motif Medical


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Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump w/ Maylilly Tote

Portable, Stylish,
& Easy to Use

For easy, on-the-go pumping, enjoy the lightweight Motif Duo breast pump. Known as the “Savvy Traveler,” the Duo allows for discreet, convenient pumping wherever life takes you. Included with the Duo is a stylish gray Maylilly Tote to carry your Motif Duo, pumping supplies, and personal accessories anywhere in an organized and lightweight breast pump bag.

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