Hot & Cold Therapy

Heat and cold are effective – and inexpensive – therapies for treating pain and promoting healing. Medical professionals trust these time-tested treatments to provide relief and recovery in a natural, non-invasive, and drug-free manner. Which is why items like professional ice packs and durable heat packs are always in demand by healthcare providers.


Count on Milliken Medical to supply the hot & cold therapy products your medical professional customers demand.

Hot and cold therapy comes in all different shapes and sizes to target and treat specific injuries and conditions. Milliken Medical is your source for wholesale hot and cold therapy products from wholesale hot packs and digital heating pads to extra large ice packs and cold therapy orthotics.

Hot Therapy

Wholesale hot packs, moist and dry heat heating pads, deep-heat therapy packs, heat therapy lotion, microwavable heat packs, moist heat packs, heat mitts for hands and more – Milliken Medical’s selection of wholesale heat therapy products and supplies is unrivaled.

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Cold Therapy

Nowhere else will you find the selection of wholesale ice packs, bulk ice packs, professional ice packs, durable ice packs, large ice packs, medical professional ice packs, wraps, gel cold packs, cold therapy units that Milliken can reliably supply.

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